Who We Are

Certificate of Commendation by the City of San Jose to Gurdeep Kaur Chawla, founder of Indian Language Services LLC

Indian Languages Services LLC (ILS) is the brainchild of Dr. Gurdeep Kaur Chawla, interpreter par excellence for world leaders with 28 years of experience, who has worked closely with seven Prime Ministers of India including the current prime minister Narendra Modi and several international leaders including President Barack Obama (USA), President Stephen Harper (Canada) and President Justin Trudeau (Canada).

Gurdeep started her career in 1990 as a language interpreter with the Indian Parliament, which has been her strongest training ground for translation and interpretation and where she got to learn hands-on from seasoned interpreters. The rigorous training, experience and exposure that she received, combined with her relentless passion for learning and unwavering focus on the spoken word, have imparted her with excellent communication skills, solid technical knowledge, fluency, impeccable grammar across languages, and a powerful and unmistakable voice.

Gurdeep has leveraged all these personal gifts to screen and select top qualified and trained individuals to create a network of competent and confident translators and interpreters who can deliver real-time services in high-profile, high-impact settings with panache. This led to the establishment of ILS in 2005.

True to its purpose of establishment, today, ILS offers translation and interpretation in all the 22 Indian languages. ILS constantly endeavors to provide excellent, unparalleled services in the fields of interpretation, translation, voice-over, localization and cross-cultural consultations in primarily Indian and several other international languages such as Spanish, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Pashto, Dari, Nepali and Portuguese.

Why Indian Languages Services?

It is said that only one poem can translate another. Here, at ILS, we do not just translate and interpret speech and writing but we translate and interpret the passions they convey and the purposes they represent. We carry this approach to our localization as well as cross-cultural consultation services and ensure that we are as close to the local sentiment as possible.

We are aware of the enormous responsibility we are entrusted with when it comes to interpreting and translating at world events or sensitive court hearings, which can make or break the outcome of a high-impact political exchange or criminal investigation.

We have a stringent due diligence and selection process by which we empanel translators and interpreters with superior skills, integrity and professionalism. We believe that skills can be honed but integrity is intrinsic. Hence, the latter is an absolute non-negotiable prerequisite when we recruit professionals for ILS given the sensitive and classified nature of our job, especially in the legal and diplomatic arenas.

We endeavor to delight our customers during every transaction and hence, focus on punctual reporting and timely fulfilment of services. We understand that some requirements can be time-sensitive and impacting major medical or legal decisions and therefore, we are flexible and fully equipped to meet special, time-bound requests without compromising on quality.

ILS Service Delivery and Quality Assurance Model

Our People

Dr. Gurdeep Kaur Chawla – Founder-Director, Chief Interpreter, and Alchemist

Legal Language Services

Ace interpreter Dr. Gurdeep Kaur Chawla is a successful entrepreneur based in the heart of Silicon Valley, USA, with a track record of over 28 years, working in the field of public diplomacy, judiciary, and the corporate world, involved with articulating messages of the Heads of State, judges, and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies among several others in different languages. She is widely traveled across the globe, working at international forums such as the UN, G20 Summit, the Conference on Climate Change, the ASEAN, and the US-India Strategic and Commercial Dialogue.

Dr. Chawla’s vast experience spans highly classified and sensitive settings such as

  • Diplomatic relations
  • Conferences
  • Medical interpretation
  • Legal interpretation
  • Telephone interpretation
  • Interpreting for MNCs
  • Translation for government organizations namely
    • The Federal and Superior Courts of the Department of State (Washington, DC)
    • The US Department of Defense
    • US Immigration
    • The National Language Services Corps (NLSC)
    • The Parliament of India
    • Commonwealth
    • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
    • The Prime Minister’s Office, Canada
    • The Permanent Mission of India to United States
    • US-India Business Council
    • Various embassies and consulates

With her vast knowledge in cross-border trade, understanding of cultural differences and other bureaucratic challenges, Dr. Chawla advises companies small and large wanting to expand business from US to other parts of the world. She had the rare honor to serve as an advisor and bridge for visiting delegations from India and Canada, helping prepare them for their US presentations at a critical time of the US-India and US-Canada relationship. Dr. Chawla helped facilitate communication and helped them arrive at a common understanding to establish agreements.

For more information on the specific translation and interpretation delivered by Gurdeep in the government, diplomacy, corporate, legal and medical fields, click here: Download PDF

Advisors of ILS

Robinder Sachdev, Founder-President, ImagIndia Institute

Robind Sachdev

Robinder Sachdev is the Founder President of ImagIndia Institute, a new-age think tank and incubator with its hub at New Delhi. He is an expert in geopolitics, economic diplomacy and image management, and was earlier a technology entrepreneur in the United States. Robinder’s work also includes training in leadership and creative thinking. He has played a pioneering role in India’s relations and public diplomacy with the United States, Japan and South Korea. Robinder has been featured as one of 12 most influential Indian Americans for his work in promoting the US-India civil nuclear deal. He has also founded two national initiatives, “Come, Clean India” in 2011 and “the House of Jugaad” in 2014. He is also an author and a regular commentator in the media. Robinder holds a B. Tech degree in Electrical Engineering, an MA in International Relations and an MBA in International Business, the last two from American University, Washington, DC.

Ash Kalra, Assembly Member

Ash Kalra

Assembly Member Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) was first elected to represent the community in which he grew up, in the November 2016 election. Prior to that, Ash served as a San Jose City Council Member for eight years. Ash graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Georgetown University Law School. Ash practiced law as a Deputy Public Defender with the Santa Clara County Public Defender’s Office for 11 years prior to his serving in elected office. Ash is the first Indian-American to ever serve in the California Legislature.

Andy Ta, Diplomatic and Judiciary Interpreter

Andy Ta

Andy is a veteran in the field of diplomatic and judiciary interpretation with over 35 years of experience as a translator, certified court interpreter, diplomatic conference interpreter and professional trainer. Andy received his college and law education in the United States. He is widely traveled across the world helping world leaders, government officials and international conference participants communicate from Vietnamese to English.

Satish Thakkar, President and CEO, Excelsior

Satish Thakkar

Satish Thakkar is a chartered accountant from India and a certified general accountant of Ontario CGA. He is a prominent and active member of the South Asian business and professional community in Canada with extensive global experience in the financial services industry. Satish is currently serving on the Board of Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce. He has also served as vice chair for CGA Ontario Peel Chapter Public Practice Committee. Satish has the unique ability to leverage and cultivate strong relationships with key players in the industry and is simultaneously actively involved in organizing community and cultural events aimed at strengthening Indo-Canada ties.

Translators and Interpreters Network

Indian Languages Services is backed by a team of highly qualified translators and interpreters, carefully screened and hand-picked from among the most successful and result-oriented professional linguists globally, to form an agile and reliable network of on-demand, high-quality interpreters and translators with several decades of cumulative experience. This allows ILS to source onsite interpretation services quickly and as close to your site as possible thus reducing travel costs and time delays.

The members of our network are carefully selected for their advanced language, interpersonal and professional qualities. Many of them have advanced degrees in interpretation, linguistics or in a certain language, and possess highly specialized subject matter knowledge. This level of expertise allows us to match the right linguists with the requirement and provide the most effective simultaneous interpretation for your event.


  • Member of the American Translators Association
  • Member of the California Federation of Interpreters
  • Member of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters
  • Member of the Judicial Council of California
  • Member of Pacific Council, Los Angeles

Our Clients

Client Speak


Catherine B.

Dr. Gurdeep Chawla provided our client with exceptional Punjabi translation needed urgently for a Notice of Nominations and within hours of contacting Indian Language Services. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of translation services. Exceptionally professional, detailed and thorough. Thank you so much for helping us!!

Jane C.

I have known Gurdeep Chawla for many years as an Indian interpreter. I am a psychologist who does evaluations for immigrants and Gurdeep and her company, Indian Language Services, have provided excellent interpretation services for my Indian clients. I have found her to be one of the best, most accurate interpreters I have worked with, actually in any language. Her vocabulary is extensive and she is so attentive, careful, knowledgeable and precise, I have no hesitation in recommending her highly.

Sheila W.

Dr. Gurdeep is an amazing lady. I have even been speaking to others about what a talented and great business woman she is. She is so excellent with translations, interpreting and with working with many different cultures and leaders. She is great at coordinating and overseeing projects that need confidential and ongoing supervision. Her talents extend to financial matters as well. She was diligent in working out an international financial issue; she did so with diligence and perseverance over a long period of time. I am honored to have dealt with her.

Paulina Casabé

I have had the pleasure of working with Gurdeep at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, where she worked at the Hindi-to-English (and vice versa) booth along with her ILS team of interpreters who provided a great service. Gurdeep certainly embodies all the unique qualities that make great interpreters great. Apart from the obvious linguistic skills, she is a true team player and is extremely personable, always willing to give her very best with a smile, even at the most challenging moments. I would definitely recommend her for any high-profile event that requires interpretation from and into Hindi, and I personally look forward to working with her again.

Interpreter Coordinator at G20 Argentina

Ann Driscoll

I engaged Indian Languages Services in August 2014 to provide interpreters for a small group of Indian journalists who were visiting the U.S. on a three-week professional visit. ILS did an outstanding job. ILS not only recruited two superbly well-qualified Hindi-English interpreters for us, but also did an excellent job selecting professionals well-suited to the demands of the project. Those included traveling with the participants to five different cities, providing simultaneous interpretation at several meetings a day and consecutive interpretation at social events and cultural outings. ILS's focus on quality, customer service, and administrative detail could not have been surpassed. I was one hundred percent satisfied and would gladly work with ILS again.

Program Manager, World Learning

Henry Collins

It was a pleasure to work with Indian Language Services and their well-trained interpreters on a recent project that required the use of Gujarati. From beginning to end, the relationship was cordial and professional, and Indian Language Services responded quickly and accurately to all our inquiries. The interpreters themselves were skilled at their craft and conducted themselves with great professionalism throughout the project. I would be delighted to work with Indian Languages Services again.

Vice President, Professional Exchanges Division, Meridian International Center

Thea Park Uppal

We have had the pleasure of hiring Ms. Gurdeep Chawla for Head of State visits and international summits. She is the only interpreter and translator you need on your team for diplomatic guests speaking or presenting in any of the numerous languages of the Indian subcontinent.

Director, US-India Business Council, Trade Policy and Sustainable Development, West Coast Connectivity

Nancy Fearheiley

I have had the pleasure of working with Indian Languages Services on a variety of projects. They are very adept at interpreting, translating, and managing people and situations. They are thoughtful and courteous, having a professional demeanour that sets them apart as an expert in their field.

Senior Program Officer, Meridian International Center

Monika Wilcox

When I was working on an education program for Indian teachers and school administrators, that needed interpretation, I immediately thought of Indian Languages Services. It was a logical choice due to ILS’s approach in finding the right interpreter for the job. ILS’s focus on top-notch personalized and customized interpretation services really was instrumental for the success of the program.

Program Manager, International Cultural and Youth Programs, FHI 360

David Longacre

Gurdeep has done several assignments for us over the years. She is our primary contact for Hindi simultaneous interpretation in North America. She has also traveled with us on conference assignments to Hyderabad, India and Bangkok, Thailand. I highly recommend Gurdeep for these services. There is a limited number of this specific language combination in the United States. Professionally, she is thorough and conscientious in her preparations before and during assignments. As an individual, she is warm, thoughtful and reliable.

CSI (Conference Systems)

Michael J. Kennedy

I consider Ms. Chawla to be that rare individual who possesses not only the mind but the heart and soul to deliver high-quality professional interpretation while simultaneously never losing sight of the dynamic and vital attorney-client relationship interwoven in those professional interpretations. I know Ms. Chawla to be both inquisitive and creative in her craft. She approaches her role with a deep compassion for others who find themselves in trouble. She possesses outstanding verbal skills and a high level of moxie. She is persistent, dedicated and dogged in completing tasks and she is not deterred by the rigors of long days in doing so. Her exceptional interpersonal skills permit her to connect with a diverse mix of attorneys, clients and others.

Chief Assistant, Reno Office, Law Offices of the Federal Defender for the District of Nevada

Madan Ahluwalia

Gurdeep is excellent at what she does. She understands the sensitivity of her job of interpreting. She is excellent.

Lawyer, Ahluwalia Law P.C.