ILS professionals are experts not only in languages but also in culture. This is the most important capability that sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Our localization experts blend superior translation skills with the knowledge of local usages, idioms, adages and cultural nuances to render the most accurate and culturally relevant translation in social, political, legal and corporate settings, amongst others.

Translation and Editing

Types of Localization Services by ILS


ILS offers extensive voice-over and dubbing services for the entertainment industry including for television and radio commercials. Our services cover not only language translation but adaptation of the voice content to the local culture and sentiments of the audience for the intended purposes.


ILS facilitates the textual recording of all your significant events, thus helping towards their preservation for posterity in a wide variety of contexts such as court settings, large events, diplomatic gatherings and close interactions.

Domains of Translation Services


ILS professionals are experts at delivering linguistic services with the appropriate nuance, tone, dialect, and intonation, for adapting your audios, documentaries and voice content to any audience across cultures.


With the mass appeal and proliferation of education, entertainment, marketing, and public-interest videos, ILS ensures that this significant content channel is effectively leveraged by you by providing accurate and high-integrity video transcription services.